Yuko Hasegawa


DXP (Digital Transformation Planet)

Towards the Next Interface

Venue : 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa



Organization : 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (Kanazawa Art Promotion and Development Foundation)

Co-curator : Yuu Takagi, Mio Harada, Yishu Hang, Jin Motohashi Advisor: Hans Ulrich Obrist (Director, Serpentine Gallery)

Artists :
AFROSCOE (Republic of Ghana) , Refik Anadol (Turkey, USA), ANREALAGE (Japan) ,Shruti Belliappa & Kiraṇ Kumār (India) , GROUP (Japan) , HATRA+Yuma Kishi (Japan) , Keiken (Japan, U.K., Mexico) , Tomihiro Kono (Japan) ,MANTLE: Shu Isaka + Soshi Nakamura (Japan) ,Shoei Matsuda (Japan) ,David OReilly (Ireland) , Takashi Ikegami Laboratory, University of Tokyo (Supported by Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratory, University of Osaka) , VUILD (Japan) , Jonathan Zawada (Australia), Merve Akdogan (Turkey) ,David Blandy (UK) ,DEF CON 26 (Germany) ,Bert Chan, Takashi Ikegami Laboratory, The University of Tokyo (Hong Kong, Japan) ,Sarah Ciraci (Italy) ,Homei Miyashita Laboratory, Meiji University (Japan) ,Emi Kusano (Japan) ,MANTLE: Shu Isaka+Soshi Nakamura (Japan) ,Till Nowak (Germany) ,Sputniko! (Japan) ,David OReilly (Ireland)

How will digital technology change our way of life and sensibilities? This question has been asked repeatedly since the 20th century. In 2023, we may answer this question: a completely different planet is about to emerge. On this planet which has entered the Anthropocene, we are immersed in an invisible network. Our lives are partly (and getting more and more) controlled by AI, and the relationship between technology and life is being generated anew every day.
DXP is an exhibition/interface that brings together artists, architects, scientists, programmers, and others to capture this transformation across disciplines, understand what is happening now, and propose it as something that can be sensed. The contemporary realities of AI, metaverse, and big data are the technologies of the moment. DXP is a vision of the future that follows it, explores the possibility of a comprehensive way of life that includes food, clothes, and habitation.