Yuko Hasegawa


rhizomatikes_multiplex 2023

Venue : Sea World Culture and Arts Center



Organization : Design Society

Artists :

Following a major solo exhibition at MOT in 2021, the Rhizomatiks exhibition will take place in Shenzhen, the digital cultural capital of China, with two and a half years of preparation to update and enhance the exhibition. The MOT exhibition showed the interplay between the virtual and the real through the intersection of the material and the visual. This time Rhizomatiks Multiplex Shenzhen, new works will be added that reflects the evolution of AI, the biggest topic in 2023. Using the latest technology, the project challenges the uncharted territory of visualization and imaging of stories created by AI, as well as dance choreography and composition by AI, demonstrating the enormous potential to expand the creative possibilities of a digital medium that can be shared and used by everyone. This exhibition is the best opportunity to see their spirit of challenge, the process of trial and error without fear of failure, the technology and aesthetics to refine their expression, and a new world view in symbiosis with AI.