Yuko Hasegawa


Living and working in Vienna II

Publisher : Kunsthalle Wien

ISBN : 978-3-85247-028-3

„23 contemporaries“ are 23 young Viennese artists/artist teams, chosen for the exhibition by international curators. These diverse works present themselves as versatile, individual, critical, and candid. The artists, who have all chosen Vienna as a focal point for their life and work, turn out to be global players, who at some times live elsewhere, and multitasking specialists who are at home in the most diverse media (superbly in video). With their works, they open up the borders between art’s genres, between art and popular culture, and frequently between art and everyday life.

Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the Kunsthalle Wien as a virtual entrance into the artists’ studios and as an extended workbench of artistic creation. In order to follow the changes in Vienna’s artistic landscape on a long-term basis, the exhibition “Living and working…” will recur on a regular basis every five years.

Parts of the exhibition will be shown in the Austrian Cultural Forums in New York, Tokio and Warsaw.

Participating Artists:
Siegrun Appelt/Penelope Messidi
Carola Dertnig
___fabrics interseason
Nikolaus Gansterer
Richard Hoeck/John Miller
Sabina Hörtner
Susi Jirkuff
Leopold Kessler
Ronald Kodritsch
Zenita Komad
Marko Lulic
Dorit Margreiter
Josh Müller
Flora Neuwirth
Klaus Pobitzer
Constanze Ruhm
Markus Schinwald
Fabian Seiz
Misha Stroj
Rita Vitorelli
Jun Yang

Yuko Hasegawa (21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa)
Trevor Smith (New Museum, New York)
Hanna Wróblewska (Zacheta – National Gallery of Art, Warsaw)
Curator Kunsthalle Wien: Lucas Gehrmann
Exhibition architecture: propeller z