Yuko Hasegawa



Contemporary Art in Japan since 1970

Publisher : 水声社

Publication date : May 1, 2021

ISBN : 978-4801005129


“JAPANORAMA: NEW VISION ON ART SINCE 1970”, a new book edited by Professor Yuko Hasegawa of our university, has been released by Suiseisha. This is the Japanese book is based on the French version of the catalog of the exhibition “JAPANORAMA: NEW VISION ON ART SINCE 1970”, which was held at the Centre Pompidou, Metz in 2017. This long-awaited book adds many new pictures of artworks and exhibition to the French version of the exhibition catalog, and substantially expands the exhibition documentation. Professors Yoshitaka Mori and Futoshi Hoshino, who also teaches in our department, also have contributed to the book. Please visit your local bookstore or online store for more information.