Yuko Hasegawa


Gabriel Orozco

Inner Cycles

Venue : Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT)



Organization : Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, THE YOMIURI SHIMBUN, The Japan Association of Art Museums

Co-curator : Mihoko Nishikawa, Kazuhiko Yoshizak

Artists :
Gabriel Orozco

Orozco finds objects discarded on the street or discovers beautiful shapes in mundane contexts and, by slightly altering them, transforms them into artworks. His new readings of things--reminiscent of the Japanese garden's use of rocks and sand to evoke flowing water--offer viewers the enjoyment of pondering and deciphering his works. Orozco's universal sculptures, purified of regional or political character, and his photographs that appear like ordinary snapshots are indispensable to any discussion of '90s contemporary art. They are also artworks exerting a profound influence on young artists currently active in Japan.

In Orozco's view, all things in this world, natural or man-made, carry in them the time of their continual movement and transformation. Coming together, they separate again in endlessly reoccurring cycles. All things in the universe are in flux.

Gabriel Orozco's reputation is still growing, as evidenced by the large-scale solo exhibitions he held from 2009 to 2011 at New York MoMA, the Tate Modern, and other major international art museums. Still, he has rarely enjoyed opportunities for showing in Asia, and this will be his long-awaited first exhibition in Japan. As such, it will show the fascination of Orozco's art through works past and present, from his well-known La DS--a car sliced in half and perfectly reassembled--to his newest creations. Orozco works of many different periods and sites will come together here, in Tokyo, and a new cycle will begin.

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