Yuko Hasegawa


Art and New Ecology

Venue : Tokyo University of the Arts, University Art Museum 3F & The 5th Floor



Organization : “Art & New Ecology” Executive Committee, Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Global Arts

Co-curator : Toshiaki Ishikura, Masatake Shinohara, Seiha Kurosawa, Hiroki Yamamoto

Artists :
Arisa Chinen, Revital Cohen & Tuur van Balen, Kazuhiko Hachiya, HATRA+Synflux, Takeshi Honda, AKI INOMATA, Shu Isaka, Junya Ishigami, Rinko Kawauchi, Keiken, Kiwokuza, Klima, Seiha Kurosawa, Stefano Mancuso, Yuko Mohri, Aki Nagasaka, Koji Nakazono, Motohiko Odani, Kanji Ono, Chloe Paré, Ryuichi Sakamoto + YCAM InterLab, Ayako Sato, Masatake Shinohara, Sputniko!, Elena Tutatchikova, Iku Watanabe + Gaku Inoue, Liliana Zapata, Marina Zurkow

This exhibition, revolving around the theme of “art and new ecology,” aims to shed light on ecological art practices from efforts by both artists and researchers of the current age.

In the “Anthropocene,” a time when human activities have greatly impacted nature and changed the global environment, anthropocentrism and excessive capitalism have put not only the natural environment but also our social and spiritual environments at risk of becoming unsustainable.

Under such circumstances, artists are taking on the role of mediators and translators who investigate, observe, and communicate the “new ecology” that comprehensively perceives these environments to the public through a new aesthetic.

Art, through sensory learning, influences the way we live and think by presenting a micro-perspective that works on the viewer's body, consciousness, and sensitivity, and a macro-perspective that visualizes the reality surrounding our world based on data and informational evidence.

Art from now on will connect our divided world with empathy and explore how we can imagine a de-anthropocentric, pluralistic humanity that includes animals, plants, objects, etc.
This exhibition shall equip us with various indicators and hints as we search for new ways of thinking and living, like a compass leading our way, in the post-COVID era.